What is an Enlightened Pixel?

"What is an enlightened pixel, is that some kind of web thing?" says the teller at my local business bank.  I didn't have a clever reply, so I simply said, "yes."

So where does the name come from?  I started designing websites back in 2001 while in college at the University of Colorado.  My first registered domain name was DaVinci-Designs.com.  I quickly learned that having a dash in the name is too much work to verbally explain and spell out.  In 2007 I registered the name LivingTreeCreative.com, which worked well for several years, but was unmemorable and didn't hold any meaning special when it came to web development.

As of the start of 2012, I registered the domain EnlightenedPixel.com based on the simple idea that we light up pixels for a living.  We enlighten them in a very physical way.  The more metaphoric meaning is that we strive to design and develop sites in a better, smarter, and more enlightened way.  I loved the dual meaning in the name and it stuck with me.

Written by Alex Brinkman who lives and works in Denver, but plays in the mountains.