Three Things I Learned This Week - October 28 2016

  • Understanding dates, times, and timezones in Ruby and how it's applied in Rails is tricky. This is my go-to post when it comes to refreshing the details in my head. The lesson is to use everywhere. Note that Rubocop also recommends the methods, providing a nice way to catch missed instances.
  • While debugging with pry, the whereami command in pry prints out the code view. This is very helpful if you've recently outputed a screen's worth of data hiding what the next command would be. I use this almost daily.
  • Ruby allows for including a module into a class through code. If you don't own the code that you need to modify in some way, this is a valuable trick. Now I don't have to fork a project just to get some minor additional functionality. For example:
  RailsEngineIDontOwn::SomeController.include MyCode::OverrideMethods

Written by Alex Brinkman who lives and works in Denver, but plays in the mountains.