Three Things I Learned This Week - December 22 2016

  • Have you ever wanted to pull a commit from a different repo into your current repo? It’s not something I do often, but in the case where there is a very self contained commit, that is somewhat app agnostic, it can be a very efficient way to get new code into your project.
# From project-a
git remote add project-b
git fetch project-b
git cherry-pick <SHA-from-project-b>
# Merge conflicts and done!
  • This article from Ire Aderinokun is a great overview of the different client-side storage options.

  • Here’s a great little trick that I really like for playing with page copy.

# In Chrome or Firefox's dev tools console, set -
document.designMode = "on"

Now you can place a cursor anywhere in the web page and type as if it were an editor! This is a great way to test out different lengths of headlines, or button copy, etc. Anything that might cause layout issues across different screen sizes.