Computer Generated Blog Posts

Much of the buzz around AI centers around the AI's ability to be creative. The recent AlphaGo victory over grandmaster Lee Sedol was not only a triumph of Computer Science in a realm previously thought impossible, but more importantly, and impressively, it showed creative problem solving capabilities by an otherwise extremely analytical AI. The now famous 19th move of Game Two was shocking to Go grandmasters, including Lee Sedol himself. Those in the know describe the move as "creative" and "unexpected".

AI is now capable of creating new cooking recipes, creating original art, and suggesting "creative" solutions to medical issues. My question is can it write a compelling blog post on a given topic?

This is a serious question for me, one that I would love to dig into. My AI skills aren't to the level needed to answer this question. However, I do remember creating the standard Markov Chains and N-gram Language Models in school, and I thought I'd apply those techniques as a tongue-in-cheek way to answer my own question. After digging out my old Java code, and applying it as a forth order N-gram to my blog posts from the previous year, I was presented with these fresh insights:

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Okay, so my little AI didn't come up with anything groundbreaking. Though it does corroborate my belief that a test suite is extremely valuable. I like how it put it - "It's better science, that worthy test suite."

Written by Alex Brinkman who lives and works in Denver, but plays in the mountains.